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Our application programming interfaces (APIs) let you:

  • Embed a charity search into your grant management software, donation platform, or charitable giving program 
  • Incorporate nonprofit data into an app or program for business intelligence and financial review 
  • Verify the legal status of individual organizations or several nonprofits at once 
  • Leverage our grants funding data to boost your fundraising potential 

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Nonprofit APIs

Gain access to nonprofit data

Most popular

Essentials API

Boost your nonprofit search and access key nonprofit information. 

Starting at $4,800/year

One-time annual payment

Most powerful

Premier API

Enhance your apps, records, or experience with robust nonprofit profile financials, people, DEI, and IRS compliance validation. 

Starting at $9,000/year 

One-time annual payment 

Charity Check API

Save time and ensure the nonprofits you support are IRS compliant. 

  • Support grant giving decision making with access to the validation data you need including organization type, deductibility limitations, religious organization status, revocations, and more 
  • Download time-stamped PDF documentation for your auditing records 
  • Seamlessly check compliance across multiple IRS-required databases  

Starting at $2,500/year

One-time annual payment 

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Funding API

Embed the most comprehensive and accurate funding data

Grants API  

 Leverage advanced search and filters to analyze the most comprehensive and accurate data on grants, funders, recipients, and funding activity.  

  • Search the latest insight into grantmakers, recipients and their funding activities 
  • Analyze funding trends and explore collaboration opportunities 

Starting at $6,000/year 

One-time annual payment

To learn more about Funding API visit our developer portal.

News API

Discover latest research and news in the social sector

News API  

Access the only API on the market delivering real-time social sector news, curated from over 65,000 sources.    

  • Enhance your records, applications, and leads with real-time news 
  • Save time by automatically monitoring news, staff changes, and advisories 
  • Engage your users with topic and theme-based news feeds

Starting at $3,000/year 

One-time annual payment 

To learn more about News API visit our developer portal.

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“The accuracy, comprehensiveness, and reliability of the data that GuideStar provides help us to be more efficient and effective.” 

—Julie Russell

Senior VP, United Way of Greater St. Louis 

“We’re meeting real client needs and adding credibility to our brand via our relationship with GuideStar because GuideStar is a trusted brand in the nonprofit world.” 

—Daren Nordhagen

President, Foundant Technologies 

“GuideStar is the most legitimate and all-encompassing solution on the market. I came out with a vision, and GuideStar was able to back it up.” 

—Stephen Garten

CEO & Founder, Charity Charge