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More than 2.7 million nonprofits and over 20 million grants from more than 200,000 funder organizations

Consult with our team of experts to get access to the data you need. You can select from hundreds of data points from information we gather directly from funders and nonprofits. Plus IRS grant records and other government agencies worldwide, and other sources. This data is then cleaned and coded according to our taxonomy so that it’s easy for you.  

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Data services we offer

Nonprofit and funder landscape analysis

We can provide aggregated views that give you key insights into the nonprofit and funder landscape along the dimensions you care most about—total giving,  geography, cause area just to name a few. 

Targeted intelligence

We can help you to identify specific organizations by size, geography, and cause area, to give you the data you need (top funders to organizations, people and compensation data, spending patterns, asset mix, top vendors, etc.). 

Identification services

Give us your list of nonprofits. If any information is incomplete for an organization, we'll use our matching process and send you a list of the closest matched organization and append the list with any additional data you need. 

Enrichment services

We can enrich your current list of nonprofits with valuable intelligence — whether that’s the latest people and compensation data, financial information, programs, etc.—all tagged by Candid’s Philanthropy Classification System (PCS) or National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities (NTEE) codes. 

Charity verification services

Get the current status of a group of nonprofits you are working with for grant making purposes. 

Managed data services

We can build a managed data solution that enables you to keep the data in your systems fresh monthly. 

Tell us your nonprofit data need, we will create the right solution for you 

Our data experts will provide a free count of records and cost prior to purchase. 

How we tailor a data set for you

  • Basic nonprofit information 
    The most requested information on nonprofits that includes organization name, address, NTEE and PCS Codes, website, active status, organization leader, revenue, expenses, assets, number of employees, plus more.
  • Personnel 
    Includes information on nonprofit personnel such as name and title of officers, trustees, and key employees, compensation of highest paid employees (and independent contractors).
  • Choice Financials and Key Contact information 
    Includes additional key financials such as payroll taxes, fees for services, fundraising expenses, total management and general expenses, savings and temporary cash investments, plus more.
  • Charity Check  
    Includes key indicators such as an organization’s charitable status with Publication 78 data, revocation of exemption, nonprofits listed by the U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) as entities associated with terrorism.
  • Grants 
    Includes the most comprehensive data on grants, funders, recipients, geographic focus, and funding activity using our Philanthropy Classification System (PCS).
  • Hospital 
    Includes information on the activities and policies of, and community benefit provided by hospital facilities and  non-hospital health care facilities.