UGears mechanical 3d models

Ugears wooden model kits

Our store is the official representative of UGears in the United States. We introduced the company’s wood building kits to the US market in 2015. The original idea and simplicity of assembly of each, even complex, model immediately spiked the interest of mechanical modeling fans and people who love making unique gifts all over the country.

UGears wooden models kits for adults make the most creative and memorable gifts for your friends, family, and yourself. These mechanical toys bring not only aesthetical pleasure but also offer you to embark on an enthralling journey of constructing beautiful and actually producing motion wooden sculptures and mechanisms on your own.

UGears models are a puzzle, a toy, and a beautiful element of home decor in one. These kits allow exploring your craftsmanship and scrupulousness while creating a fascinating home décor item that will fit into any interior and add a unique handmade detail to any room.

UGears mechanical models

UGears wooden models kits are unique toys and puzzles which not only look amazing but also move without the addition of batteries! They are based on a patented system of fixing wooden mechanical toys without glue through wooden gear wheels and a wind-up rubber band mechanism. The handmade wooden designs that produce real motion impress everyone without an exception, from small kids to elders.

Every model is not just a constructor but an idea that you grasp during a fascinating assembly process. The models are suitable for any age (except for toddlers who can swallow small details). You can enjoy constructing a dragon, house, boat, or a complete vehicle fleet with your kids, parents, grandparents, friends, or on your own. These puzzle toys are made to give you hours of fun assembling them and then impressing your guests with what these toys can do.

Mechanical puzzle: assemble and make fun!

UGears makes unique 3D puzzle wood building kits from high-grade natural wood materials. The kit includes everything you need to make complete beautiful moving wooden figurine. To assembly the puzzle, you won’t need any additional tools or materials. The unique and precise design of the pre-cut elements ensures that they are easily transformed into a complete wood trick toy in hands of anyone even who has never worked with wood.

UGears wooden models kits are supplied with detailed and comprehensible guidelines and are suitable for mechanical modeling fans of all ages.

UGears models manufacturer

UGears is a young Ukrainian company founded by enthusiastic designers and engineers. The company was created with the aim of introducing a unique product that allows spending hours enjoying handicrafts with expectable yet still fascinating results. Each mechanical puzzle is an engineering masterpiece that will inspire you to work with your hands, develop agility, and precision to get rewarded with a beautiful mechanically moving home decor item.

Currently, the company offers over 80 wooden puzzle toys models and continuously expands its range.

UGears mechanical models are very diverse. You can choose from small fidget models that can be assembled in less than 30 minutes or embark on a long journey with complex large-scale models with multiple details that require more than 12 hours of assembly work. You can assess the time you would need to spend on the item by the number of details the puzzle box contains or the approximate assembly time specified in each product description.

The wooden models kits for adults made by UGears will suit any taste. Here you can find a fantasy dragon, a cash register, a retro cabriolet car, a sailboat, a safe, and many other thematic models. They can make an amazing gift for a professional. For instance, you can choose an arithmetic kit that includes a mechanical addiator and a mechanical multiplier for a mathematics professor. By the way, this kit can be an enthralling tool for kids who only start learning arithmetic – it can help them learn to add and multiply without a calculator in a fun and entertaining way.

A car enthusiast will definitely enjoy the wide range of wooden car models – from retro bikes to modern large trucks. For a fan of classic books you can get a tower windmill with Don Quijote and his squire Sancho Panza figurines that your friend will build on their own. And of course, you can make a gift to yourself buying wood building kits for your own pleasure and decoration of your room.

You may have never tried building 3D wooden puzzles, but do not worry, you don’t need to be a mechanical modeling specialist to enjoy it. However, you will definitely become one after assembling your first UGears wood trick mechanical toy!

Ugears reviews

  • Home review Anne Graham avatar

    I have built several UGears kits and love them all but this kit has provided the most challenge. Of all of them, the Aero Clock provides long term interest and utility since it needs daily attention. To add to the challenge, I decided to paint this one (with Sharpie style flow pens) and I think that came out well. In 6 months now I have not tired of lifting the weight and playing with it to zero in its accuracy.

  • Home review Tom Tweit avatar

    Fun to build if you can work with IKEA style directions. Nice looking when done, but I can\’t get the pendulum to work. Directions say to put 4.4 pounds of sand in the weight bag, it will only hold about 3 pounds.

  • Home review Jack avatar

    Good puzzle works well. Had issue only with putting the chain together.

  • Home review Scott Davidson avatar

    I enjoyed putting this safe together and the finished product was quite good. The toothpick used as an axle for the three tumblers in the lock was a bit weak to withstand the torque from repeated opening of the safe. I found a nail of the right length to fit the tumblers and with the metal axle the safe is now perfect.

  • Home review Craig R Newberry avatar

    When my grandson and I first began building with locomotive 470 it was something his father purchased retail and quickly found it was beyond his proficiency. I picked up the slack as grandfather and we had a ball over about 6 hours putting the kit together.
    I found that bee\’s wax worked better than the company\’s recommendation to use candle wax. I used end cutters to show my grandson how to nip the toothpicks. He was frustrated trying to push out some pieces so I went into my 1/4\” drive set and taught him how to punch out by tapping the pieces with a small socket and a small craft hammer while the board was suspended over another two sheets. I taught him how to make new pieces that either broke or that we somehow ruined with glue. We\’re on our 5th kit now and at 11 years he can now largely build them on his own.

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