Our world is changing.

Overhead shot from way above of a flooded neighborhood in Port Arthur

Port Arthur, Texas after Hurricane Harvey, 2017

Faith in established systems is crumbling.

An official government room with a podium and audience chairs, all empty

Caucus room in the Russell Senate Office Building (photo by the Architect of the Capitol)

As the role of government shifts, people want the private sector to do more and more.

A crowd marching and holding signs at a protest, with focus on a sign saying 'Science is the engine of the economy'

March for Science, 2017 (photo by Molly Adams)

But it’s hard to know whom to trust. It’s no wonder people don’t want to challenge their beliefs.

An adult with a shirt saying 'Learning Lamp' sits cross-legged on the floor of a playroom and holds the hand of a child who is looking at the camera

The Learning Lamp (EIN: 20-0306745, Johnstown, PA) served 93,341 meals in their community in 2018.

A person hands a box of food to an older person who accepts it happily, standing in a stairwell

The Jewish United Fund of Metropolitan Chicago (EIN: 36-2167034; Chicago, IL) delivered 575,681 meals, food bags and grocery cards to vulnerable individuals in 2018.

In their own way, each is at the leading edge of change.

Two people stand close and smile at the camera with their arms draped around eachother's shoulders

Trae and Jesyah are part of the Friendship Program at Best Buddies International (EIN: 52-1614576) in Miami, FL.

Five children in a swimming pool with bathing caps on smile up at the camera

Lenox Hill Neighborhood House (EIN: 13-1628180, New York, NY) provides an extensive array of services—social, educational, legal, health, housing, mental health, nutritional and fitness. They served 15,000 low-income clients in 2018.

But being out in front can be isolating and overwhelming.

It can be hard to see the big picture.

We are many things at once.

We’re data scientists and designers, sociologists and strategists, programmers and policy wonks, veterans and upstarts. 

We’re idealists and realists at the same time. But we all believe that sharing knowledge can help us create a better world. We brought together 88 years of experience, but we’re ready to clear a path forward.

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A group of about 150 people stand together and smile at the camera inside of a regal-looking room with pillars and bookcases