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Why work with Candid? 

Partnerships are essential to our collective ability to address critical challenges and foster positive change in our world. We partner with organizations that share our vision of deeper impact by expanding data, access to information resources, and capacity building.

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What we can do together

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Gain insights to tell the story of your community

  • Visualize funding trends by topic or region.
  • Glean intelligence of the collective impact of your community.
  • Own your story and tell it the way you know best.
  • Identify and connect with other mission-aligned organizations.

Ideal for organizations such as philanthropy-serving organizations, institutional funders, and nonprofit membership associations.

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Become a go-to information hub for your community

  • Strengthen and empower your community by extending valuable resources like Foundation Directory.
  • Integrate Candid data in your platform to help your users research their nonprofit of choice.  

Ideal for organizations such as community foundations, libraries, social giving platforms, nonprofit membership associations and resource centers. 

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Empower your community by becoming a subject matter expert

  • Build skills to grow nonprofit effectiveness.

Ideal for organizations such as community foundations, social giving platforms, individual funders, NGOs, philanthropy-serving organizations, issue and peer networks, and nonprofit membership associations. 

A few of our partners

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Looking for ways to invest in our shared mission of broader and deeper data?

The Candid Partnership is a unique offering of Candid, enabling our Partners to support the free services provided through

It’s open to all foundations and corporate programs that believe a strong, sustainable nonprofit sector is necessary to drive social change.

Candid Partners support the growth and influence of the Candid Nonprofit Profiles philanthropically while getting access to Candid nonprofit data through our grantmaking tools.

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