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GuideStar Pro

Find, research, and analyze millions of nonprofits

GuideStar Pro offers insight into the entire landscape of nonprofits in the United States. Search for and analyze individual organizations or a cohort—GuideStar Pro helps you analyze the field.

A person looks at a grid of dots and circles

What are the data points and insights you need to move forward?

Tax forms

990 Finder

Access IRS Forms 990 online

Sometimes, you just need to find a single tax form. Search for 990s by organization, location, EIN. 

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Sometimes you just need the original 990 document. We get it.

Verification and due diligence

GuideStar Charity Check

Confirm a nonprofit's eligibility for grants and contributions

GuideStar Charity Check makes pre-grant due diligence easy. Instantly look up a nonprofit to check their eligibility to receive tax-deductible contributions, and save reports or get automated alerts as you go.

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100% IRS compliance. Be confident that you'll catch anything out of line.

That's not all. Here are more resources for improving your skills:

  • GuideStar Custom Data Services Work with our team of experts to get the nonprofit data and intelligence you need tailored to your specifications. Our reputable nonprofit information comes from more than eight sources and is based on 25 years of historical data. Learn how