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Millions of potential donors and funders could be looking at your profile. Do you know what they're seeing? Take advantage of your free profile and share the most up-to-date information about your organization.

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Tell your story through your data

Candid maintains the most current and comprehensive database on philanthropy worldwide. Help us go beyond what is publicly available to ensure we are accurately reflecting your work.

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Data-driven tools, content-rich platforms developed by Candid

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Who is funding what and where?

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How can we know what other funders know?

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How can we make the most of what we're learning?

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What resources are available to tell my story?

These essential questions emerge again and again across funding areas, strategies, and strategies. We analyze and organize data with partners on custom projects to transform our information, analysis, and technology into solutions that help the social sector so you can see the world in a new light—and find the answers that are important to you.

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Who Has GlassPockets?

Transparency is a catalyst for social change

Foundations with "glass pockets" are in a better position to increase their impact and strengthen the field of philanthropy.

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That's not all. Here are other ways to tell your story:

  • IssueLab custom services Feature a collection of research on your own website of what your organization is learning, funding, or creating. Visit IssueLab